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About Us

Robyn’s silicone elastomer rumen cannulae for cattle became commercially available in 1983

In the 1970s the only rumen cannula available to access rumen through fistulation, were inflexible.  Robyn Williams developed a “soft” flexible rumen cannula for cattle – easier to insert, easier to keep clean and more comfortable for the animal.

In 1983, while studying for her science degree, Robyn worked in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) laboratory of her father, Dr R H Laby.   It was there that Robyn developed and subsequently manufactured customized silicone cannulae for commercial use.

silicone rumen cannula, as designed by Robyn Williams, for fistulated cow

The rumen cannula business today

Robyn’s company uses only silicone elastomer to produce their premium quality rumen cannulae.

When an order is received, she makes each individual silicone cannula by hand, to ensure the quality of each device. The welfare of the animal is key to Robyn, and is the reason she continues to manufacture customised animal friendly rumen cannulae, by hand.  The devices can be adapted to suit clients’ requirements, so contact Robyn to discuss your individual specifications.

As each product is made to order, customers should allow 1 day per item ordered, when estimating delivery date.   Robyn is based in Victoria, Australia and ships cannulae worldwide, offering FREE shipping within Australia.